Risked Based Inspection


RAM Studies can stimulate the configuration, operation, failure, repair and maintenance of equipment. The inputs for a RAM Studies will include the physical components, equipment configuration and maintenance in a system and the outputs can determine average production of the system over the facility. Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) studies assesses a production system’s capabilities, whether it is in operation or still in the design phase. The results from a RAM studies will identify possible causes of production losses and can examine possible system alternatives.


RAM System Modelling and Analysis:

  • Fault trees and Reliability Block Diagrams (RBDs) | Repairable System Analysis | Reliability Growth Modelling

RAM Assurance:

  • Reliability Demonstration Testing (RDT) | Reliability Growth Planning (RGP) | RAM Analysis

Physics of Failure:

  • Failure Mechanisms | Case Studies


This course benefits in different sectors such as Oil & Gas, Steel, Mining, Transport, Energy, Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage


Quality Managers, Quality Engineers, Lean practitioners, Business Process Owners, Process Improvement Managers, System implementers, Management representatives, System coordinators.

Course Acronym : RBI