Public Technical Courses

Recognized as a leader in training for engineers and technical practitioners. High quality courses are designed to the essentials of industry professionals and combine academic accuracy with applications to real-world situations. Provides world-class process of teaching employees how to more accurately and thoroughly perform the technical components of their jobs.

Our training courses are designed to build your core competency and skill level to progress you through the learning curve from novice to expert. Whether you’re a beginner, have some skill gaps to close, or you’re ready to take your abilities to the next level, we can help you gain the skills and knowledge to implement and drive reliability initiatives at your site with confidence.

Risk and Asset Management Review: Understanding ISO 31000 & ISO 55000 Standards

Cat. 1 – Introduction to Machinery Vibration Analysis Workshop

Motor Current Signature Analysis Workshop

Asset Lifecycle & Lifecycle Cost Management

Certified Reliability Engineer by America Society for Quality

Cat. 2 – Basic Machinery Vibration Analysis Workshop

Airborne Ultrasound Workshop

Asset Performance Management Masterclass

Five Pillars of Maintenance & Reliability Excellence Course – Based o CMRP BoK

Infrared Thermography Workshop by Infraspection Institute

Machinery Lubrication Engineering Workshop

T&D Network Asset Management Training Course

All of our courses:

Are based on our extensive experience in Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management
Are highly interactive
Are focused on providing practical tools and skills that can be applied in the workplace
Include a variety of case studies and examples that bring concepts to life

Our trainers are highly skilled communicators, but also have had personal practical experience in applying the concepts and principles, tools and techniques covered in the courses. Their personal experiences bring the courses to life and encourage participation and discussion.

Unique Features with MMS Training

Pre-Course Questionnaire to help us focus on your learning objectives.

Detailed Course & Reference Manual for Continuous Learning and Sharing
Practical Exercises & Case Examples to better understand the principles
Limited class size to ensure One-to-One Interactivity.

Assessment at the end of the course to help you develop a Personal Action Plan