Lubricant Management Services

We offer our clients a service to analyse the state of their lubricating oils in order to carry out the predictive and proactive maintenance of a broad range of lubricated equipment.

Oil Analysis Program Development

Developing an oil analysis program is not just sending a sample to a laboratory!”

Where the sample comes from is very important. (for example, if the sample is extracted downstream of a filter, there will be limited information on wear particles).

When the report comes back, if there is no reference/baseline, no trends, there may be insufficient information to make any informed decisions, if any at all.

It takes nine hours to sharpen the axe, and one hour to cut the tree!  It is the same for oil analysis.

A successful program needs the following:

  • Sampling location identification
  • Sampling procedures
  • Tests and frequency
  • Alarms and Targets
  • Review and feedback
  • Training (lead engineer, oil sampling technician, oiler, etc)
  • Practical and proactive action
  • Tracking the tangible benefits/ returns
  • Make visible the success

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