PM Optimization


PM Optimization verify the functional failure of any M/Cs and shows how impact to an operation, safety and environment. It normally reviews of Exiting Maintenance and shows the way to improve the maintenance strategy.


  • It shows the fundamental principle to approaches of developing and optimizing a Preventive Maintenance program and the specific preventive maintenance techniques as well as application.

  • It covers the role of Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), how to select the best mix maintenance methods and how to manage human error in maintenance.

  • Maintenance Issues for various Equipments

  • Maintenance methodologies and philosophies


This course benefits in different ways such as

  • Substantial reduction in required labor hours
  • Drastically reduced the number of work orders to manage by consolidating multiple PMs for one asset
  • To performing PMO increasing your Mean Time between Failure is one that will have a tremendous impact on the entire operation
  • Eliminate wasted maintenance labor hours on nonvalue added tasks
  • Improve level of satisfaction with the operations team
  • Increase reliability of equipment reduce down time
  • Increase productivity of maintenance & production
  • Maintenance cost control and optimization


Quality Managers, Quality Engineers, Maintenance Manger, Maitenance Supervisor, Planners and Schedulers, Business Process Owners, Process Improvement Managers, System implementers, Management representatives, System coordinators and PM Specilist.

Course Acronym : PMO