Reliability Centered Maintenance


 A practical “How-to-Do-it Guide” for implementing, measuring results and successfully applying today’s best practices for Preventive (PM) and Predictive Maintenance (PDM), covering essential maintenance operations using the concept of RCM concepts, (including RCM 2 & 3 concepts) that range from equipment selection and maintenance interval planning to condition-based monitoring techniques and lifecycle costing

Course Objective

To provide training in facilitating the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) exercise for discipline engineers

including reliability. This formal training on the RCM principles, methodology along with facilitation and mentoring will be helpful for the reliability engineers and other participants involved in the RCM process. And the training shall have two part RCM2 Introductory Training following RCM3 Facilitator Training.

In addition shall impart training to meet the objective 


  • Apply Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) & Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) principles to your maintenance strategy for PM and PdM 
  • Define your critical asset repair or replacement problems via life cycle costing 
  • Develop the optimum strategic maintenance program for your physical assets 
  • Communicate and obtain management buy-in for maintenance programs by justifying with costs versus benefits 
  • Develop a phased installation or improvement plan for successful implementation 
  • Measure and validate your resulting benefits by benchmarking against best practices 

Course Acronym : RCM