Customized Courses

A cost effective method of training for companies with several employees to train in a particular area

The objective of training today is to gain knowledge and experience in the latest developments in technology through cost effective methods. The investment in training, by companies and individuals is growing each year as the need is recognized to keep topical and up to date in the industry in which they are operating.


On-site training is a cost effective method of training for companies with several employees to train in a particular area. Organizations can save valuable training dollars by holding courses on-site, where costs are significantly less. Other benefits are MMS’s ability to focus on particular systems and equipment so that attendees’ obtain the greatest benefit from the training.

All on-site workshops are tailored to meet with our client’s training requirements and courses can be presented at beginners, intermediate or advanced levels based on the knowledge and experience of the delegates in attendance. Specific areas of interest to the client can also be covered in more detail.


In addition to standard on-site training, MMS specialized in developing customized courses to meet our client’s training needs. MMS has the engineering and training expertise and resources to work closely with clients in preparing and presenting specialized courses.

You may select components of current MMS workshops to be combined with additional topics or we can design a course entirely to your specifications. The benefits to companies in adopting this option are reflected in the increased efficiency of their operations and equipment.

BENEFITS of Customized Onsite Training

  1. YOU SAVE MONEY. You can save up to 50% or more by having the seminar presented exclusively for your group.
  2. SAVE TRAVEL & LODGING. Why pay for expensive airfare and hotel for the entire group you wish to train when onsite training is an option?
  3. TRAINING FOCUSED ON YOUR NEEDS. We adapt the seminar’s content to your organization’s specific requirements. Seminars can be tailored to your equipment and presented at the knowledge level of those attending.
  4. YOU SAVE TIME. In-house seminars are scheduled to fit busy schedule. The seminar happens when you need it and you do not have to leave your facilities.
  5. COMPREHENSIVE WORKBOOK. Each participant receives a workbook full of worksheet and real-world case studies.